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We are deeply disappointed to have to announce that we have decided to cancel our Music Jamboree due to be held on the 24th July. It is not an easy time at the moment for us to deliver such an ambitious creative event as our Jamboree was designed to be. We are now looking a year ahead to hold our Music Jamboree next summer at the same time of year. We do hope this has not disrupted your plans too badly. We will keep our mountain of musical instruments polished up and ready for next year. 

With kindest wishes to all those young MUSIC LOVERS out there. 

Keep singing, playing and dancing!

Natalie Covell, 

Organiser for the Music Jamboree at Yarrells School   

Exciting times for little music makers under the age of eight this summer. Applications are now open for these lively music workshops on the 24th July, taking place at Yarrells School and Nursery in association with our music charity Poole Society for Young Musicians, supported by Soundstorm.

For details see below and for further information and the application form CLICK HERE.