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We’re sorry!

CANCELLED DUE TO UN-FORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES. Applicants will receive email and reimbursement shortly.

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We are deeply disappointed to have to announce that we have decided to cancel our Music Jamboree due to be held on the 24th July. It is not an easy time at the moment for us to deliver such an ambitious creative event as our Jamboree was designed to be. We are now looking a year ahead to hold our Music Jamboree next summer at the same time of year. We do hope this has not disrupted your plans too badly. We will keep our mountain of musical instruments polished up and ready for next year. 

With kindest wishes to all those young MUSIC LOVERS out there. 

Keep singing, playing and dancing!

Natalie Covell, 

Organiser for the Music Jamboree at Yarrells School   

We are delighted to be able to bring some summer holiday fun to music makers of the youngest ages, in association with Yarrells School and our music charity, Poole Society For Young Musicians, supported by Soundstorm it is Music Jamboree time – think holidays, islands, waves, beaches, sailboats, warm nights and summer SUN! So put on your holiday gear and join us on our morning of musical adventures with a summer holiday vibe.

No musical experience is needed. There will be opportunities for children to play lots of instruments, sing and dance, inspired by experienced, music loving teachers. Afterwards, there will be the chance for all participants to take part in a short concert, together with some of our older summer school participants, to further inspire future music making. You are welcome to bring picnics to enjoy afterwards in the wonderful school grounds.

Venue: Yarrells School, Upton, Poole, BH16 5EU


Time: 9am to 1pm (but see schedule for registration timings by age below).

12  –  36 months old (quavers) – arrival and registration at Greenwood Early Years Centre – 10am

3 years and 4 years old (crotchets) – arrival and registration at Greenwood Early Years Centre – 11am

Fee per child £12 (sibling discount £5.00 for second and subsequent children taking part in the Jamboree)

Led by Sue Stocken and Lucy Renwick – circle singing with age appropriate instruments, dancing and making a special time and lots of music with parent/carer taking full part.

Drink and a biscuit and time to play in the Greenwood Garden after the session. We’d love you to stay for the concert at Noon too. For the very little ones, you would be most welcome to pop back if you feel that there is too big a time gap for you.


5 to 7 years old (minims) – arrival and registration at Yarrells Courtyard – 9am

Fee per child £20 (sibling discount £5.00 for second and subsequent children taking part in the Music Jamboree)

Led by Kim Murphy and Cathy Murray – a symphony of chimes, thumps, bangs, whistles and melody. Exciting interactive musical play and learning to create the fabulous “Jam Orchestra” inspiring music making, creativity and a whole load of fun!

All places must be booked and paid for. No tickets on the door. Limited places are available. Deadline for applications 14th July 2021. You will receive an acknowledgement of application and will be followed up with a request for payment and confirmation our your place(s)

children playing instruments
Play music – have fun!