Poole Society For Young Musicians – MUSIC ACADEMY – Lessons


TIME: Monday and Tuesday evenings from 17th April 2023 EXCLUDING BANK HOLIDAYS (8 weeks) Term Time ONLY


Run by Poole Society for Young Musicians Charity, supported by SoundStorm Music Agency we are excited to continue with our music academy on Monday and Tuesday evenings to enable youngsters to learn instruments tutored by top professionals.
List of teachers below!

As we all know, there’s very little for children that matches the advantages of music….singing and learning a musical instrument and so we want to help to facilitate this for the next generation, especially for those whose school might not provide it. Then, children can enjoy the enormous benefits from making music with others!

We are happy to help with facilitating instruments for hire or purchase and are working closely with Music Corner who are offering reasonable instrument hire, and we use other contacts including Poole Violins, SoundStorm and DMS.

Grants of up to £300 for young people up to age 18 are available who need extra support to pursue their musical ambitions – Grant Access Funds

MINI MAESTRO – Instrumental lessons run weekly on violin, cello, piano, clarinet, oboe, flute, double bass, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, from age 6+. List of teachers below! Choice of individual or shared lessons, varying duration – fees apply, Enquire by completing the form below. You will be contacted by the course administrator with a note of the fees and an offer for your place.

We also have a fully qualified and experienced Suzuki violin teacher Karen Leach who will teach children from age 4+

Musical Fun Time – with Cathy Murray – In addition to participation in MINI MAESTROS or as a standalone lesson, youngsters can gain musicianship development in an immensely fun regular young group with the inspiring teacher, Cathy Murray, at 5-5.30pm.
Developing rhythm and aural skills through all sorts of fun group activities which will speed up instrumental learning. MANY THANKS TO WESSEX YOUNG MUSICIANS TRUST, OUR SPONSORS, FOR CATHY MURRAY’S MUSICIANSHIP CLASS, AS A RESULT THIS TERM IT WILL ONCE AGAIN BE FREE TO PARTICIPANTS! But you still need to register HERE to allow us to plan effectively.

…this is all happening off the back of our very successful tryout an instrument day in November and our excellent previous term. We are so glad you have enjoyed the lessons



YOU CAN ENQUIRE NOW FOR THIS TERM’S LESSONS BEGINNING ON 17th and 18th April click the link below to go straight to the enrolment form. NO LESSONS ON BANK HOLIDAY MONDAYS – TERM TIME ONLY

Mini Maestros Teachers include (All our teachers are DBS checked and hold an up-to-date DBS certificate) :

Karen Leach (Suzuki violin)
Savva Zverev -BMus(Hons)
PIANO & VIOLIN – Laura Riley – Dip ABRSM, MMus

Philip Collingham – BMus (hons) MMus (hons)

PIANO & MINI MAESTROS MUSICAL FUN TIME CLASS, 5-5.30pm Mondays (Currently FREE) supported and thank you to WYMT. Teacher – Cathy Murray BA (Hons) PGCE

Polly Phillips -BMus(Hons) PGdip LRAM
Tammy Sullivan – BMus(Hons) MMus

Robb Tooley BMus(Hons)
Hannah Grimley- BMus(Hons)

Alison Kay GTCL (Hons) PgDip GSMD
Tammy Sullivan – BMus (Hons) MMus

Clare Whitehead, BA (Hons) PGCE Dip ABRSM, Director of Bournemouth School Music

Also running for the summer term at same venue, term time, not BANK HOLIDAYS, 8 weeks with concert performance of work undertaken for families, date tbc. Fee £56.00

MEZZO MAESTROS – over 8 weeks: with the popular and inspiring professional musician/director, Polly Phillips: Begins 5.30-6.30pm on Monday 17th APRIL 2023 over 8 weeks excluding half term and bank holidays, with concert. This term will include at least one specialised sectional rehearsal with expert tutors. For GRADE 2-5 orchestral musicians including percussion, aged up to 14

JURASSIC BRASS – with BSO Brass principals Robb Tooley & Kevin Morgan
Begins 5.30 – 6.30pm on Tuesday 18th APRIL 2023 over 8 weeks excl half term with concert date tbc. Full of inspiring technical and repertoire work with some of the most inspiring brass teachers in the profession! For Grade 5+ Brass players, aged up to 18.

…there is little doubt that regular exposure to music, and especially active participation in music, may stimulate development of many different areas of the brain. Takako Fujioka and her colleagues, for example, looking at children with a single year of violin training (compared to children with no training), recorded striking changes in activity in the brain’s left hemisphere. In terms of brain development, musical performance is every bit as important educationally as reading or writing”.  – Oliver Sacks, Neurologist & Writer (Source: Musicophilia: Six Questions for Oliver Sacks Interview, 2009)

Music ‘brings us together, helping us reflect upon who we are, where we have come from, and what lies ahead.’ The arts and music transcend ‘languages, cultures, and borders’ … and helps ‘exchange ideas and styles and share in the artistic vibrancy born from diverse experiences and traditions.’ – Former USA President, Barack Obama (Source: 2010 message to
the World Choir Games in Shaoxing, China)

Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul”. – Plato