28th October: Shades of Autumn

28th October 2016

Featuring the talents of Poole’s Young chamber musicians. An evening concert at St John’s Church in Broadstone at 7.30pm.

Brass quintet

selection of arrangements : Trumpet Tristan Hardyman & Joseph Stickney, horn Sebastian Rowe, Trombone George Farrell, tuba Jake Bartlett.

Reubin Bennett – Piano

“Forcing the Pace” by Christopher Norton

Sam Hopkins – double bass

Unaccompanied Bach cello suite “Bouree 1 and 2”

Anna Silins, Lauren Hardyman and Emily Taylor. – Piano trio

Bridge piano trio “Valse Russe” no7 from Miniatures

Clarinet quintet

Weber. Op. 34 I. Allegro
performers: Lola Brown Araujo, Jacob Gritt, Tristan Apperley, Harry Hanwell, Anna Whitehead.

String quartet

Pleyel Quartet in D minor movement 1.
Jacob Gritt, Matthew Butterfield, Harry Hanwell, Liam Murphy,

Harry Hanwell – piano

Hummel “Rondo all”Ungherie” op 107 no 6

Wind quintet

Haydn “Divertimento”
Alice Stein, Tammy Sullivan, Lucy Moorsom, Megan Whitehead, Lydia Bennett.

String quintet

Boccherini string quintet in C major movement 1 “Andante con moto”
Lewis Lee, Jasmine Rhind, Tristan Apperley, Frankie Holman, Lauren Hardyman.