What people have said about our workshops and summer schools

We run a wide variety of workshops each year including a summer school. This gives an opportunity for young musicians to meet and work together to produce high quality music that stretches and challenges them. Often they would not be able to achieve this on their own without the support from other like-minded young musicians and the teaching that they receive from world-class professional musicians and teachers.

We receive a huge number of lovely comments from parents and participants so don’t just take our word for how good our workshops are please feel free to read what they say about us too!

My daughter, an oboist aged 15, wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Each afternoon, she returned happy and tired – the best combination. New people and old friends, inspiring adults, plus a massive range of music to enjoy and to challenge. She says that it’s her sight-reading skills that have benefited the most; she covered more music in those 3 days than in months before! The other new element was the chance to play chamber music – itself very focused and exposed – with new people, with the immediate need to listen and trust.

What we as parents appreciated was the absolute commitment, passion, and also sense of fun in the staff who ran the summer school, both administratively and musically. The final concert was relaxed, and yet had a real sense of urgency and a desire to communicate all that they had managed to learn and play together in 3 days.


Thank you very much indeed for all that you have done to prepare and direct this summer school. The boys have both thoroughly enjoyed it and benefitted. It’s really great to have had this opportunity so close to home and with such wonderful people taking part and leading – and BSO contacts too. Really great. Thank you. Hope it wasn’t too much for you to put into place. Have a great rest afterwards. Very much looking forward to the presentation this afternoon.


From his feedback each day I could tell he’d been busy and given plenty of different opportunities. I really enjoyed the performance too. I’m hoping that it will become a regular event….
Many thanks.


Next time we’ll try and make sure he can do the full course – it’s a wonderful opportunity. It’s great to add in the theory, too.


I’d just like to thank you Ali and absolutely everyone who has put time and effort into the last three days of BMS. I really hope it happens again next year.


Just to thank you for all your hard work with the summer school. Our three children were just able to attend it yesterday, but they enjoyed it and learned a lot. I know you and your team put a lot of preparation into it, and I just want to say that we appreciate it. May you have a well deserved rest!


It was fantastic, a great opportunity for children, it was my daughter’s first attempt of playing her cello outside of the school orchestra, she now has the confidence to try and join and outside orchestra. Thank you for everyone’s hard work.


I am just so so pleased she attended, despite lots of moans from her beforehand. She has come away so incredibly motivated, now wanting to take her grade 2 in flute and progress. We haven’t heard her play her her flute so much. Last night she wouldn’t put it down and was busy practising scales!! There must have been some magic included in your course. Thank you all so so much.